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The business intelligence and analytics landscape is undergoing a revolution

Innovations such as in-memory, improved access, mobility and predictive analytics are opening up a new world of possibilities for business optimisaton.

This revolution is driven by changing business needs. Businesses require more from their analytics solutions to drive effective decision making or meet reporting requirements. Businesses have large amounts of data and they want easy, fast, intuitive access to it in real time.

Business data needs to be at their fingertips, whenever they want it and wherever they are.

 We combine Qlikview or Sage’s Business Inteligence tools with our specialised expertise to deliver business intelligence and analytics solutions that enable our clients to have a distinctive competitive advantage in their market place as well as reduce costs and increase revenue.

Sage Intelligence

Whether your business is small and growing or it’s an established midsized organisation, Sage Intelligence Reporting can help you succeed. Sage Intelligence Reporting is a flexible business-reporting tool that gives you the freedom to design reports according to your business’s unique requirements.

Mine your company’s data to make better decisions with
Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Your business has collected a massive amount of data-and it has only just begun. It’s growing by leaps and bounds every day, and it’s coming from new sources across your organisation. No wonder that it’s harder than ever to build a single, coherent picture of your business operations. Now you can transform that complex, fragmented data into meaningful information that has real decision-making power.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence fully integrates with Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage X3, plus it provides intuitive tools so you can securely access and analyse enterprise data with ease. Reduce time spent on analysis and reporting and get the insight you need to support better-informed decisions with Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

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Qlikview solution

Your data comes from many sources and connecting QlikView to diverse data sources is key to analysing them. With QlikView, you can source data from databases, spreadsheets, websites, and custom data sources. You can blend data sources from different vendors and data suppliers in the same QlikView application to gain insight into your data.

QlikView offers connectivity technology for many different data sources.

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