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Simplify for Success

It is said in business that simplicity is often the key to everything, within any industry. When operations are complicated we loose focus and direction of the big picture. This is the very reason streamlining your business processes and technology can result in less headaches for everyone involved. Entrepreneurs and business owners often don’t realise that they can simplify processes and make everyday tasks easier to handle. Consumers demand simple, user friendly solutions to everyday problems.

Resistance or irritations of any kind regarding the user experience can define success or failure of the said product. Something as straightforward as changing the batteries of a product can steer users away from using or buying a product. The same can be said for making use of a service that results in a poor customer experience.

Business transformation can easily be driven by ERP systems. Your first step should always be simplification. Don’t give your users a reason to stop using your solution – this can cause a slow death to any ERP solution offering. Technologists and developers must approach the development of ERP systems and customised solutions with a “less is more” mandate. Implementing these business-changing shifts and simplifying your business processes might seem easy, but it certainly takes thought, effort, and planning.

Although simplifying your business processes is not exactly easy, there are a few key aspects that could assist you in this process:

Invest in non-invasive technology:
Having the latest and greatest technology such as smart phones are usually seen as an essential for business owners. Altough this is a good image booster, it is much better to invest in technology that will assist in key organisational areas where it can lessen the workload. Some options to consider include:

  • Setting up your website to automatically respond to customer queries. This can be done by adding simple, yet informative standard forms for everyday queries in order to cut down on your phone time.
  • Source outside agencies to keep you active on the web. This can include functions like social media, PR and events. This way your company can focus on the job at hand, while building an excellent social presence.
  • Where possible, automate. This includes any system that can automatically generate invoices, send out notices and reconcile accounts. Any good ERP system should be able to perform this function and save you a vast amount of time.
  • To automate even further – workflow automation packages can automate all manual processes that exist within the company and rule out data entry mistakes and save even more time. Automation packages can serve as a plug-in into most if not all ERP system and even automate manual processes that are being run in Excel or the like.

Make use of templates and set procedures:
Have your business run like a well-oiled machine by having set templates and procedures in place for any possible task at hand. This will make any task simpler, more accurate and more effective to complete.

Automate payments:
Paying bills seperately can amount in a great loss of time and company resources. Automating your regular expenses will save time and cut down on daily tasks resulting in a more effective, fast-paced environment.

Deal with emails and archive them:
Emails are known to be the driver of an insufficient workforce. Answering emails should be a quick task, whereafter it should be set aside to continue with more relevant tasks that will help build strong revenue.
Have set times during the day to check your emails. If something is urgent make a set rule to call the relevant people for emergencies.

Join tasks together:
Most tasks are somehow connected, so be sure to integrate these. This way you will save time and tasks will seem less time consuming. When tasks are integrated, you also rule out human error as well as duplication of tasks.

Where possible – Outsource:
Expenses should always be set against the time you can gain by growing the business. If a project is more expensive and time consuming inhouse, rather outsource.

Account for your daily activities:
It is always a good idea to invest in a system that tells you what you are doing with your time on an hourly basis to distinguish where your business processes fall flat. Recognising where you can improve will affect your bottom line.

In conculsion, your business processes define your success. By simplifying these processes your routine tasks become easier to handle and your staff can keep track of their tasks at hand. Outsourcing and automation allow your business to function to its best ability. Use this to your advantage to achieve greater profitability, efficiency and productivity.

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