Overcome ERP Limitations – Unmatched flexibility that re-defines productivity

ConsiliaTech:>>Overcome ERP Limitations – Unmatched flexibility that re-defines productivity

Overcome ERP Limitations – Unmatched flexibility that re-defines productivity

In today’s increasingly competitive world where the world is converging into a single market place, organizations are looking for ways to become globally competitive. Companies must be able to meet customer requirements in the shortest possible time, faster than their competitors and this requires extensive production planning and close coordination between the company and it’s suppliers and customers. There’s a need for integration of all the functions in an organization and this leads to an ERP, the backbone of an enterprise’s processes.

ERP then was painfully complex and impossibly rigid. X3 now accelerates performance anywhere, anytime, simplifies your entire operation in the cloud and adapts to businesses that never stop moving. It is built for your industry whether process manufacturing, discreet manufacturing, distribution, services etc. Personalized for the way you work, customized to your unique workflows.

Sage X3 enables enterprise-class business management that reduces costs and complexity while adapting quickly to your company’s unique requirements. The solution includes built-in functionality for multi-company accounting and reporting, multi-site operations or global operations. Sage X3 is the faster, simpler, more flexible approach to transforming your business.

According to Panorama’s independent ERP research over the past four years, overall project cost has decreased. Duration overruns on the other hand, are becoming less common, while overall duration has increased. The duration increase is not necessarily a bad sign as organizations appear to be planning for longer durations and have more realistic expectations about what it takes to achieve ERP success.

While costs, durations and benefits realization fluctuate year-to-year due to economic conditions, implementation trends and dataset makeup, the facts remain:

The majority of organizations do not have the internal expertise necessary for achieving ERP success. When they don’t hire an experienced third-party, they limit their level of benefits realization and reduce their potential ROI.

Move your company beyond the limits of an ERP. You can adapt to change and easily scale operations. Sage X3 eliminates complexity with a simpler, more flexible business management solution in the cloud. It’s time to take back control and liberate your operations from the limitations of slow, siloed ERP’s.

Efficiency at every level can be achieved. Accelerate all core business processes from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service and financial management, all within one cohesive business management solution.

Key benefits Sage X3 offers, enabling you to overcome ERP Limitations:

Visibility across the business – make more informed decisions by always knowing what each part of the business is doing.

Agility to act (and re-act) – Confirm that the system supports the maze of global laws and restrictions in order to simplify compliance across currencies, regions and regulations.

Choice beyond the cloud – work the way your business works best: public, private, hybrid cloud, or on-premise.


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