The Top 5 CFO Concerns in 2017

2016 was the year everything changed and CFOs found themselves centre-stage on a myriad of issues. In June the UK’s decision to leave the European Union destabilised money markets leaving economic and business uncertainty in its wake. Cyber-attacks on large companies like TalkTalk and Tesco Bank demonstrated the vulnerability of customer data and the need [...]

5-step guide for seamless migration to Sage X3 by Danica Weappa

Transitioning from one ERP software to another can be daunting and should be strategically planned and executed to minimize time, cost, and stress. Sage X3 is a powerful solution that provides industry depth including new capabilities, technologies, and typically replaces third party add-ons that are often required with other products. When planning for your migration, [...]

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When the FDA Comes Calling

Surviving an audit under the new FSMA The dreaded audit. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) mandates an inspection frequency for food manufacturers, and based on risk, the audits could be an frequent as every three years. What steps must you take now to ensure your company [...]

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First out the gate: Smart tech’s competitive advantage

Business owners are looking in their rearview mirror, worried about whether the Uber of their industry will come speeding up behind them, overtake, and leave them in the dust. Yet, the technology platforms that disruptors are using in the industry are available to all businesses. To understand the opportunities and threats, business owners must ask, [...]

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How the cloud can give your mid-sized enterprise the flexibility to grow with Sage X3

Medium-sized businesses that are experiencing rapid growth can use cloud-based business management solutions to impose process discipline without restricting their flexibility.   That’s according to Keith Fenner, vice president of Sales at Sage AAMEA, who says that the shift towards the cloud empowers mid-sized organisations to thrive without needing to spend more money on hiring [...]

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Sage Summit recap: Sage X3 ecosystem continues to grows as new partnerships and integrations are taking root

Sage X3 customers are leveraging the solution’s unique set of functionality to grow their businesses faster and smarter, and those results have generated strong interest from partners to build upon the Sage X3 platform, resulting in a fast growing ecosystem of complementary Cloud applications integrated with the solution. Some of the new partnerships and integrations [...]

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Food Industry – HARPC (Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls) compliance without the headaches

The food industry continually faces some serious challenges. Many of those challenges compromise the profitability and success of the business. All of those in the food industry are expected to comply with Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls (HARPC) in order to provide food to the public that is free of contamination. There are seven [...]

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News from Summit – Product Update 10 for Sage X3 in the Cloud

Summit 2016 in Chicago is underway, and there are plenty of news and announcements coming out of the Windy City. One such announcement is that Sage X3 product update 10 is rolling out for cloud customers (on premise customers are unaffected by this release). The update incorporates functional improvements to the finance, distribution, and manufacturing [...]

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How to ease your financial admin headache and leave on time

If you struggle to manage your cash flow process or spend too much time on manual and duplicative work, it might be time for you to take a hard look at how your existing financial system may be making things more difficult than they need to be. Debts, late payments, profitability challenges or lack of [...]

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Make customer service your key differentiator in 2016 with Sage X3

Today’s customer-driven environment demands integration between departments, real-time visibility and mobility. Gartner recently reported that in 2016 a massive 89% of companies plan to fight competition largely on the basis of customer experience?* Customers in the digital age are well-informed, socially connected and living in a real-time context. The explosion of social media and smartphones [...]

Business Partner (BP) Merge – Step by Step guide

Sage X3 allows two BP accounts to be merged together using a function which will automatically transfer all the transactions from one BP to another. This tool allows an Accounts receivable or Accounts Payable manager to merge customer or supplier accounts without the painful process of manually moving open transactions across. This blog entry gives [...]

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Save Time in Sage X3 by Creating Recurring Customer or Supplier invoices

Using the recurring invoice functionality in Sage X3 organisations can save time during monthly invoice capturing by creating recurring invoice templates for supplier or customer invoices. This functionality can be applied to invoice transactions that occur on any time/frequency basis where the amount is the same. Steps to create a recurring invoice: Step 1: Create [...]

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