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Steering business in the right direction

Companies in the distribution industry have to meet the demands of consumers and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Sage X3 distribution software provides fully integrated application modules. This assists in streamlining business operations so wholesalers and distributors can increase profits and optimise productivity, thereby improving customer service levels. Sage X3 manages all levels and movements of goods across multiple sites and, where necessary, across multiple companies.

Sage X3 Distribution software integrates in-depth functionalities
to cover the entire distribution process.

These functionalities include:

Benefits of Sage X3 Distribution


Functions have the same look and feel to optimise training time and to promote cross-functional employee usage.


Decision making is more effective and timely since information is updated as business transactions


Sage X3 supports different languages, sites, currencies and legislations. It can function in a client or server mode with Windows interface or it can function in a rich web client mode with a browser interface.


Sage X3 software can be implemented as a company-wide business management system or an internal, support-specific process for time-phased implementations.


A multichannel retail application module can be used to complement the Sage X3 Distribution Suite to provide extended functionality in the areas of marketing and campaign management, merchandising, pricing and promotion, order processing, warehousing and e-commerce.

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